Ashnikko - Slumber Party (ft. Princess Nokia) [Official Music Video]

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The official music video for Slumber Party ft. @Princess Nokia

Taken from her debut mixtape released in 2021 on Parlophone Records, which featured the hit singles, 'Cry feat. Grimes', 'Daisy', 'Deal With It feat. Kelis' and 'Slumber Party feat. Princess Nokia'.

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Produced by Callmethekidd
Director: Charlotte Rutherford @charlie__chops
Producer: Jonas Berry, Emmy Gyori @jonasmakai @madiganemmy
Production Company: @rubbertape
Line Producer: Alexandra Kern @alexandrakern
1st AD: Ashley Tsai @ashley.tsai
DP: Madeline Kate Kann @madeline.kate.kann
1st AC: Adam Marquez @amarqz
2nd AC: Melissa Kirchhoff @melissalynne_
Steadicam: Quaid Cde Baca @quaidcdebaca
Camera PA: Autumn Palen @autumn.palen
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BBG: Jesus Yanez
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VFX: Alex
Colorist: Dan Levy
Production Designer: Jesse Hallen @j.f.hallen
Leadman: Sandy Olson @sandyzip
Set Dresser: Karim Dakkon @karimdakkon
Art Director: Nick Kerr
Art Driver: Jack Levis
Choreographer/Casting: Easton Payne @eastonblake
Stylist: Zoe Bleu @____zoe_bleu_arquette____
Styling Asst: Mango @MangoHelll
Wardrobe Asst: Alex Hansen
Ashnikko Makeup: Zaheer Sukhnandan @zaheersyn
Ashnikko Hair: Fitch Lunar @fitchlunarhair
Princess Nokia Makeup: Scott Osborne @ thescottedit
Princess Nokia Hair: Candice Smith @ hairbycandicesmith
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CCO: Laura Leal
PA: Mckay Steigerwald, Josh Crowe
BTS: María Alvarez, Ethan Newmyer @shotbymaria @ethan.newmyer

I’m not shy, I’ll say it
I’ve been picturing you naked
I’m a little faded
You look like a fucking painting
Big doe eyes, amazing
She’s everything I’ve been praying
My heart palpitations
She looks like the type to break it

Me and your girlfriend playing dress up in my house
I gave your girlfriend cunnilingus on my couch
She cute, kawaii hentai boobies that excites me I think she really likes me
Ask politely, can I ooo ooo ooo
Slumber party
Slumber party
Slumber party
Slumber party

It’s getting hot in here
I’m the nelly in the party with some
Rocks for ears
I’m a slave for you baby, Miss Britney Spears
I’m a clover, she a toros
Bring it on for cheers
And I’m sexy like Christina when I dip it low
Not a H-Town girl but i rodeo
Yippee ki yay welcome to the show
It’s an all-girl party, clothing optional

Me and your girlfriend playing dress up in my house
I gave your girlfriend cunnilingus on my couch
She cute, kawaii hentai boobies that excites me I think she really likes me
Ask politely, can I ooo ooo ooo
Slumber party
Slumber party
Slumber party
Slumber party

My girl look like Wednesday Addams
Eyes go black when she orgasms
Hide your back, she likes to stab them
My butt cheeks, she likes to grab
Matching pyjama, birthday suits
Her spit tastes just like juicy fruit
She do that thing she usually do
Spell my name with her tongue like

Me and your girlfriend playing dress up in my house
I gave your girlfriend cunnilingus on my couch
She cute, kawaii, hentai boobies, that excites me I think she really likes me
Ask politely, can I ooo ooo ooo
Slumber party
Slumber party
Slumber party
Slumber party

About Ashnikko:
London-based, American-born rapper and singer Ashnikko makes genre-bending hip-hop and electronic pop, marked by her hyper-stylized, anime- and video game-influenced persona. Following two initial EPs, she gained widespread viral buzz with her song "Stupid," featuring Yung Baby Tate, off 2019's Hi It's Me. In 2021 Ashnikko released her debut Mixtape ‘Demidevil’ which features the hit singles Cry feat. Grimes, Daisy, Deal With It feat. Kelis and Slumber Party feat. Princess Nokia.


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