Damian Lillard Talks About Elimination, Postgame Interview - Game 6 | 2021 NBA Playoffs

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Denver Nuggets vs Portland Trail Blazers - Full Game 6 Highlights | June 3, 2021 | 2021 NBA Playoffs
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  1. jeremy roberts
    jeremy roberts
    Пре месец

    Dame should request a trade in the off-season. I know he wants to be loyal to the city and all that but man I know he gotta be tired of losing early in the playoffs year after year

  2. mimicduzit
    Пре месец

    Omg what if go to the suns...or and mia.i with jimmy buckets or and dallas with luka...

  3. Sancho
    Пре месец

    A health AD, Lebron and Dame = Has a nice RING to it.

  4. Shantelle Glab
    Shantelle Glab
    Пре месец

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  5. Keith McKeever
    Keith McKeever
    Пре месец

    Dame career similar to Melos for sure.

  6. Elizabeth Mills
    Elizabeth Mills
    Пре месец

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  7. Emmet21 Gaming
    Emmet21 Gaming
    Пре месец

    Th eblqzers fired terry stotts

  8. Nemsz
    Пре месец

    Same look like a pretty boy no mo

    Пре месец

    Hope he don’t go out like Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing “Ringless” 💯

  10. Snarflelocker
    Пре месец

    Blazer fan here. 3:40 the next fifteen seconds just break my heart.

  11. dariuz johnson
    dariuz johnson
    Пре месец

    Me, me, me. Stop crying and improve your defense, and, vocabulary

  12. Song Zhang
    Song Zhang
    Пре месец

    I've been living in Portland for 14 years. Damian Lillard is the hero of our city. I feel bad for him once again. The only thing that the Trail Blazers organization can do is to give him a Super Max contract. At least he got the money and he deserves it. Not many superstars are willing to come to the small market, that's the reality. If he wants to leave and join another team, I won't blame him and still love him. He is a competitor and he wants to win for sure. I hope you will win one ring before you retire.

  13. Brian Banks
    Brian Banks
    Пре месец

    He’s outta there.. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  14. #FrEE8EFE
    Пре месец

    you cant win wit carmello in ya locker room .. he selfish WEJ spit

  15. William Mcvicar
    William Mcvicar
    Пре месец

    This man gotta leave 😭

  16. Ranbir Parmar
    Ranbir Parmar
    Пре месец

    Dame is a stud and a real guy all respect

  17. ivan sivcev
    ivan sivcev
    Пре месец


  18. William PPL
    William PPL
    Пре месец

    Dame to the Lakers.

  19. Gee Cee
    Gee Cee
    Пре месец

    Go and form a super team buddy you not going to win in Portland if you don't get on a super team you not going to win, just don't go follow crippled AD and old LeBron

  20. Jay C
    Jay C
    Пре месец

    Lillard be like I can’t wait to get knocked out again next year

  21. Victory George
    Victory George
    Пре месец

    Damian lillard fault, it's a lesson that when talented people lower their values their employers will relax without making efforts to give them the best opportunity to succeed because they know that he isn't going anywhere 😌 😏😏

  22. Gregory Edwards
    Gregory Edwards
    Пре месец

    Dame ain’t leaving Portland any time soon. He wanna win a ring with one team and one team only and that’s the Blazers. But he’s too damn good to be getting bounced out the first and even second round. Too much gifted talent. He had times where he struggled shooting in the series. Only 10 points in game 4. But he also had times where he was on fire. I think it was game 5 or something like that, he scored 55 points with 10 assists and like 12 threes with the help of Keys players like McCollum with two overtimes and they STILL LOST. But I think It’s time for him to get a ring. Norman Powell, Melo, Yusuf Nurkic, and CJ played good as well in the series. But shoutout to Denver for closing the series though. Jokic and Michael Porter were balling in the series. MVP for the joker.

  23. Walat
    Пре месец

    Imagine if Dame had the same caliber teammates as Russell Westbrook.

  24. Dillon Paul
    Dillon Paul
    Пре месец

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  25. Kenneth Turner
    Kenneth Turner
    Пре месец

    Dame literally dribbles up the floor, waits for the pick, and then fires hail marys without looking to pass and these bums in the comments are like "he needs more help"🤦‍♂️ Players like this do not deserve championships in TEAM sports.

    1. Bernice Ratliff
      Bernice Ratliff
      Пре месец

      Because everyone else just suck, he has no choice

  26. John Cenna
    John Cenna
    Пре месец

    Welp... Lillard is going to the Celtics now 🔥🔥

  27. Walter Reddick
    Walter Reddick
    Пре месец

    Fire Stott

  28. sonic fan24
    sonic fan24
    Пре месец

    You in nurk should go to the spurs.

  29. Gene Spight
    Gene Spight
    Пре месец

    Your a Tremendous basketball player and dedicated to Portland . You don’t o them nothing . They o you sir no help

  30. Stevan S
    Stevan S
    Пре месец

    Great player.

  31. Ridge Moore
    Ridge Moore
    Пре месец

    No matter what is the headline in the morning. Dame you put up a good fight.

  32. Alex espinoza
    Alex espinoza
    Пре месец

    Chicago is waiting for you my guy.

  33. Pudong Zheng
    Pudong Zheng
    Пре месец

    come to Lakers men

  34. Ainge The Mechanic
    Ainge The Mechanic
    Пре месец

    Come to the knicks..you are the missing peace

  35. Anasia Jones
    Anasia Jones
    Пре месец

    Dame look drained!!! I know he is so disappointed!!!! He deserves a CHIP NOW!!!! Love him and his game so much!!!!!

  36. Brenton :D
    Brenton :D
    Пре месец

    Yea they actually shuddof won the title with carmelo.. but sumthin was off behind the scenes. Whether personalities who knows.. but yea

  37. richelieu hall
    richelieu hall
    Пре месец

    free dame man

  38. Dame Dolla
    Dame Dolla
    Пре месец

    Better times will come trust me dame!

  39. Chase Monroe
    Chase Monroe
    Пре месец

    Trade him to lakers for kuz

  40. Common Cents
    Common Cents
    Пре месец

    CJ did not seem to have prepared himself for the playoff games. Just sat their reading books and drinking wine.

  41. Taha K.
    Taha K.
    Пре месец

    To the lakers

    Пре месец

    Dame still the illest

  43. Mike Helm
    Mike Helm
    Пре месец

    Come to Phoenix dame you WILL get a title

  44. Bob M.
    Bob M.
    Пре месец

    Join the Mavs and create a dynasty there. 🙂

  45. WCS Art and Design
    WCS Art and Design
    Пре месец

    Truth is they had the talent.. So I'm assuming the issue is with who's steering the ship not who's firing the cannons... and that's a coaching thing.

  46. Robert English
    Robert English
    Пре месец

    He should have score more like the previous games. How do you let a team come way back up and win? They stopped playing like they didn't want to win. They also need a better bench.

  47. Axiebuoy Lifestyles
    Axiebuoy Lifestyles
    Пре месец

    Carmelo Anthony = 1st round exit

  48. X Knyght
    X Knyght
    Пре месец

    One of the few NBA players that is truly passionate about the game.

  49. John Pestano
    John Pestano
    Пре месец

    Dame leave and go win it's time

  50. Jet Shilo
    Jet Shilo
    Пре месец


  51. lil zae
    lil zae
    Пре месец

    Gd thing for Portland u have a great team I'll keep Dame, Cj, Powell, Melo, Covington. They need defense and 2 bigs. U can run Cj with the second team they got scorers already and they have veterans so bulk up on defense and a stronger bigs because they can't handle Jokic facts need some young fresh legs who defense minded

  52. Ker Lozano
    Ker Lozano
    Пре месец

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  53. Casey Briones Sr.
    Casey Briones Sr.
    Пре месец

    dlillard you can't get ring because of c.anthony?

  54. Omar Ramirez
    Omar Ramirez
    Пре месец

    Portland needs to trade Cj, Nurk, 2nd round pick and terry stotts for Zion williomson and cash considerations! I’ve been saying this for years

  55. JCL Systems
    JCL Systems
    Пре месец


  56. Miguel Adams
    Miguel Adams
    Пре месец

    Dame join lebron

  57. Art Williams
    Art Williams
    Пре месец

    Man dame need to go to the Lakers.

  58. Alec #giveyouthisl
    Alec #giveyouthisl
    Пре месец

    It’s time for dame to get another team

  59. Yede Beat Productions
    Yede Beat Productions
    Пре месец

    Dame you have nothing left to prove bro go to the Lakers

  60. Patrick Grady
    Patrick Grady
    Пре месец

    People forget that Barkley sealed their fate when he guaranteed the Blazers would advance far in this playoffs.

  61. Chris A.
    Chris A.
    Пре месец


  62. meepo merp
    meepo merp
    Пре месец

    trade lillard for curry straight up

  63. Shemzinho
    Пре месец

    Look at the pain in his eyes. Get my guy some help. Idk how Terry Stotts constructed a team where Dame isn’t even one of the 3 worst defenders

  64. dai715
    Пре месец

    Dame just got a bunch of new fans! 🙌

  65. ThriftybyNature
    Пре месец

    I’d love to see Dame win a title in a Knicks uniform.

  66. macanina100
    Пре месец

    I hope the raptors someway, somehow, acquire damn dolla. I bet any money, Masai ujiri would be able to put a championship team around him.... I know it’s a long shot, but please consider the raptors.

  67. Coulter Smith
    Coulter Smith
    Пре месец

    Poor guy man. He plays the game the right way and plays hard every night, doesn't complain about a single thing and balls out.

  68. Thomas Carlton
    Thomas Carlton
    Пре месец

    Dame is pure class, he got so much he wanna say but he holding it in cause he cant go off on his guys just for media. He does need to let them know behind closed doors tho, they simply aint putting the time in and if they content then he bout to do what he gotta do to get the chip.

  69. raejean hightower
    raejean hightower
    Пре месец

    He look pissed

  70. raejean hightower
    raejean hightower
    Пре месец

    Dame need a better environment

  71. raejean hightower
    raejean hightower
    Пре месец

    Dame a beast period went hard this season

  72. ClearSpeed
    Пре месец

    Go to the Celtics

  73. Abe S
    Abe S
    Пре месец

    Go to the Lakers!!!

  74. Nicky Scarfo
    Nicky Scarfo
    Пре месец

    Come on home to The Bay!!! Warriors need to try a trade for Dame!!! Trade Wiggins and Kelly for Dame😂 But knowing Dame he old school basketball loyal he might refuse any superteam building lol

  75. BIGROO
    Пре месец

    lillard and Draymond are about as real as it comes with Post game interview answers

  76. Bat Man
    Bat Man
    Пре месец

    He needs to replace Conley with the Jazz...

  77. Ant gotchu._.
    Ant gotchu._.
    Пре месец

    And if he leaves they better not be mad

  78. Cstove
    Пре месец

    People say Dame gotta leave or he’s gonna leave... people forget about Dirk was 32 when he finally won a ring with the Mavs, and he stayed with them his whole career

  79. Garrett Jones
    Garrett Jones
    Пре месец

    I'm pretty sure it will be the biggest portland shakeup coming.

  80. The Waraich Report
    The Waraich Report
    Пре месец

    Blazers need to break up the backcourt duo and make some roster changes

  81. Collins Dang
    Collins Dang
    Пре месец

    He joining the Lakers

  82. Vernon Percy
    Vernon Percy
    Пре месец

    Come to Lakers

  83. kevv Stupid
    kevv Stupid
    Пре месец

    Portland lose round 1 every year almost dame out of Portland don’t make a few moves this offseason dame is done

  84. Terence
    Пре месец

    It’s time for bro to leave Portland. He stayed down and remained loyal. But don’t waste your career on a outdated mindset. He needs star caliber player(s) with him. CJ is not that. He should go to the Lakers,Celtics or even Milwaukee

  85. kefkapalazzo1
    Пре месец

    why do you guys feel bad for him? all that pride he had a few years ago about staying with Portland? this is what he wanted

    1. kefkapalazzo1
      Пре месец

      @Dose CP they did try. they're not in a good city and they're not that competent.

    2. Dose CP
      Dose CP
      Пре месец

      You’d think a front office would actually try to help their loyal franchise player be successful and win by surrounding him with actual talent and that’s the complete opposite of what the FO in Portland did. We failed him. But he’s not leaving. FO needs to stop being a bunch of pussies and be aggressive in making big changes

  86. Sherry Beckley
    Sherry Beckley
    Пре месец

    Come home to Oakland!!! Dame, Steph, and Klay will rule the NBA!! Go home and get your city another ring 💍!!

    Пре месец

    Blazers need big men

  88. MLP Shawn
    MLP Shawn
    Пре месец

    Dame leave RiP CiTY go to a team that actually wants to win a ring

  89. Beany Pablo
    Beany Pablo
    Пре месец

    Another all hype player who can’t walk the walk!!!

  90. Romeo Gordon
    Romeo Gordon
    Пре месец

    Gotta go to the Lakers bro

  91. Gunkanjima
    Пре месец

    Good riddance

  92. dusttaker
    Пре месец

    Come to the Knicks please.

  93. Lee Joseph
    Lee Joseph
    Пре месец

    Always welcome at the bucks Dame😂

  94. Notfrom Thisworld
    Notfrom Thisworld
    Пре месец

    He needs to come home needs to come to golden state warriors

  95. Ri
    Пре месец

    I want dame and melo to get a ring so bad

  96. Lebron James Playoff Full Highlights
    Lebron James Playoff Full Highlights
    Пре месец

    If I saw LeBron and Dame play together I would cry

  97. tony
    Пре месец

    every team that i wanted to succeed has lost , the knicks , portland and the lakers , all i got is being happy for kyrie or the mavs

  98. Aldrin Valdez
    Aldrin Valdez
    Пре месец

    Come join my guy Luka!!! He deserves so much more than Porzingis. You two would be absolutely unstoppable.

  99. David Hayes
    David Hayes
    Пре месец

    Thank you Damian!!!

  100. Loegan Hodgkins
    Loegan Hodgkins
    Пре месец

    hes gone