He Blew Too Hard 🙈🙈🙈

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Tissue Blow Challenge 🤣🤣



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  1. Turtroll
    Пре 2 сата

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  2. ItsGolgina
    Пре 3 сата

    Bunch of dudes blowing Enough internet for me

  3. çýbęř ñęø
    çýbęř ñęø
    Пре 4 сата

    Wow, he's lucky that that paintball splattered, its more painful when the paintball doesn't splatter, I was shot in my leg with a paintball from upclose and it hurt like hell.

    Пре 8 сати

    With my asthma I would have passed out in 2 seconds

  5. Party Panda
    Party Panda
    Пре 9 сати


  6. red gator
    red gator
    Пре 11 сати

    Dude really just died to one paintball

  7. dannyzhang64
    Пре 12 сати

    Third guy can blow pretty good. He’s so good in jail

  8. Maria Cecília Silva
    Maria Cecília Silva
    Пре 12 сати

    Oi MÃE e tchau a minha mãe e vc vai dar pra cara e tchau a minha vida e tchau a minha mãe e vc não vai ter

  9. Mia is CORPSE's waifu
    Mia is CORPSE's waifu
    Пре 12 сати

    As long as you got more than one person you aint gonna be the loser

  10. Nikhil
    Пре 13 сати

    Losers, i can make it to 100 seconds, if i get that counting guy in this video

  11. Marko L.
    Marko L.
    Пре 15 сати

    Eminem could do it forever

  12. bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu
    Пре 19 сати

    I don’t know what planet you live in but those seconds are faster than the gym teachers grandma

  13. Jay Drei Music
    Jay Drei Music
    Пре 20 сати

    Honestly, I enjoyed watching your video. So cool.

  14. EH travel
    EH travel
    Пре 22 сата

    That’s so challenging

  15. Vega The Mega????
    Vega The Mega????
    Пре 23 сата

    choir kids: You fools, for i am immortal

  16. Mobile Maker
    Mobile Maker
    Пре дан

    Slow w painball

  17. Blaze
    Пре дан

    Man overreacted to getting hit with a paintball, I've been headshot with paintballs before and didn't even grab for my head. Only time I hit the ground was when I got hit in the nuts point blank range, they don't hurt much at all, they only sting for a couple seconds depending on where you get hit, and the amount of tolerance to pain that you have.

  18. riktofen ol yen
    riktofen ol yen
    Пре дан

    It hurts 😨

  19. GoldfishKaden
    Пре дан

    me who can circle breath…

  20. Lord Farquad
    Lord Farquad
    Пре дан


  21. Decimator 517
    Decimator 517
    Пре дан

    Nice aim

  22. Wick
    Пре дан

    Next: loser gets shot in the brain with a shotgun

  23. Radio-onsite 24
    Radio-onsite 24
    Пре дан

    Paintballs don’t hurt like that and that was a slow paintball

  24. •byehara•
    Пре дан

    Why is this on my recomendation -

  25. _ub4
    Пре дан

    Would be safer if u actually used a timer

  26. Markhylis
    Пре дан

    0:56 the forced laugh tho.

  27. Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide
    Пре дан

    Her: “He’s probably cheating on me rn.” Him:

  28. Sabina Aaron
    Sabina Aaron
    Пре дан

    Cheater cheater Pumpkin Eater

  29. yaraik luitschen
    yaraik luitschen
    Пре дан

    The smoker : Well IT was a pleasure zu meet you

  30. Rhombus
    Пре дан

    Dude counts 3 seconds in 1 second

  31. lxuie
    Пре дан

    dude doesnt know how to count properly

    1. Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide
      Пре дан


  32. Sevila Erena
    Sevila Erena
    Пре дан

    THE GIRLS:18+ ARE DRISEX.UNO RSlost: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾...

  33. AbiCutie
    Пре дан

    Brooo how would he stop the game withought ppl knowing he cheated cause he can’t pretend forever if it’s on there and the ppl are watching

  34. PraneethGSKTech360
    Пре дан

    The last guy took a breath again lmao

  35. Hollywood Movies club
    Hollywood Movies club
    Пре дан


  36. Jacke The grate
    Jacke The grate
    Пре дан

    You dont no real pain if you have not got shot whith a full tank😢😕💥leaves super painful bruises

  37. Sss Aaa
    Sss Aaa
    Пре дан

    thats not how counting works

  38. Bsc IT 41 Manish Lakra
    Bsc IT 41 Manish Lakra
    Пре дан

    IBM scmer return our money

  39. Back to the Beekitu
    Back to the Beekitu
    Пре дан

    Those guys definitely know how to blow...

  40. Dariel De Guzman
    Dariel De Guzman
    Пре 2 дана

    I thought it was a fair game but not..nice game though 😄

  41. Eliiris Maldonado catala
    Eliiris Maldonado catala
    Пре 2 дана

    Bro the 3 guy kept going for quit breathes why he win

  42. kailey lovee
    kailey lovee
    Пре 2 дана

    the third guy took another breathe

  43. bandog
    Пре 2 дана

    No lo se rick

  44. José Cruz Mendivil
    José Cruz Mendivil
    Пре 2 дана


  45. Davi Lucas
    Davi Lucas
    Пре 2 дана


  46. Star Brite
    Star Brite
    Пре 2 дана

    C h e a t 👁👄👁

  47. Terrance Pinkston
    Terrance Pinkston
    Пре 2 дана

    *He blew to hard*

  48. ThatBoyJay9
    Пре 2 дана

    They hurt I know that I’m only 10 and got shot by a 8 year old older brother paintball gun

    Пре 2 дана


  50. arian alfred
    arian alfred
    Пре 2 дана

    How the hell did this video get 16 mil views in just 4 DAYS?!

  51. Mel Espinosa
    Mel Espinosa
    Пре 2 дана

    Me blowing while watching this video

  52. Khonsa Shasya
    Khonsa Shasya
    Пре 2 дана


  53. Nasrudin Pacamaman
    Nasrudin Pacamaman
    Пре 2 дана

    Trending in Philippines!

  54. Abstain Null
    Abstain Null
    Пре 2 дана

    Far as I’m concerned, only 1 person won, the rest lost.

  55. Syedmuzaffar_650oyt
    Пре 2 дана

    The fourth one is CHEATING cuz' he can't play CHEAT

  56. Cayden Chin
    Cayden Chin
    Пре 2 дана

    1:00 lol

  57. Efe Aydin Kirca
    Efe Aydin Kirca
    Пре 2 дана

    free caps 🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢

  58. Brooke Pearson
    Brooke Pearson
    Пре 2 дана

    Next time use an actual timer because you're counting was faster or slower every time

  59. gacha Jazzy
    gacha Jazzy
    Пре 2 дана

    Disorderly one's nose if a paintball ball hits you in the wrong place it can cause parallelization OK where someone gets paralyzed from the waist or above or below and it can also cause massive damage to the head if hit in the

  60. kavinda prathibha
    kavinda prathibha
    Пре 3 дана

    After try to thish, my heart 💔 was letf 😅

  61. Mand'alore Jango
    Mand'alore Jango
    Пре 3 дана

    The counting is so inconsistent lmao

  62. Taylor Nesbitt [Student]
    Taylor Nesbitt [Student]
    Пре 3 дана

    flutists : aHAH hold my flute….

  63. fer262
    Пре 3 дана

    Can’t even count in real seconds…

  64. Juvon Lindsay✓
    Juvon Lindsay✓
    Пре 3 дана

    If the avatar went on: 25 days 5 hours 7 minutes 34 seconds

  65. Grandma 99
    Grandma 99
    Пре 3 дана

    You can clearly see dude take a breath in

  66. Edin Sol
    Edin Sol
    Пре 3 дана

    That guy was good at Blowing 😆 🤣 😂

  67. Thomas Gavalas
    Thomas Gavalas
    Пре 3 дана

    I got shot in the eye with a paintball

  68. wayd weaver
    wayd weaver
    Пре 3 дана

    That paintball gun is so under-chrono that the ball barely broke.

  69. ·
    Пре 3 дана

    These guys are good at making videos but still can't count good

  70. Wiry
    Пре 3 дана

    me with asthma: 💀

  71. Mr OBEYo.O
    Mr OBEYo.O
    Пре 3 дана

    Bro… the third dude literally stopped to inhale again and this man counting was like 🧑‍🦯

  72. asdasd asdasd
    asdasd asdasd
    Пре 3 дана

    They all get paintballs in my book

  73. Brittany Cirrincione
    Brittany Cirrincione
    Пре 3 дана

    He deserves it. 😈

  74. greencat 184
    greencat 184
    Пре 3 дана

    Video in a breakdown: "lets see who is the best blower"

    1. Regdu Geht
      Regdu Geht
      Пре 2 дана

      If the avatar went on: 25 days 5 hours 7 minutes 34 seconds

  75. Iss Avocado
    Iss Avocado
    Пре 3 дана

    Clickbait btw

  76. Jezus nadchodzi
    Jezus nadchodzi
    Пре 3 дана

    1. All have sinned and the penalty for sin is eternal hell. 2. Jesus Christ, Son of God died for your sins. Repent and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out.

  77. Micah Penning
    Micah Penning
    Пре 3 дана

    Paintball shot so slow and my man still fell to the ground

  78. SamsonBBallen 247
    SamsonBBallen 247
    Пре 3 дана

    You guys do not know how to count

  79. SKARZZ51
    Пре 3 дана

    cheater gets what he deserves😂

  80. Davian Ranck
    Davian Ranck
    Пре 3 дана

    I own a bong so I could prolly do this for a minute

  81. Deb
    Пре 3 дана

    What about we use a timer next time

  82. nateo 4201
    nateo 4201
    Пре 3 дана

    Straight cheated your only suppose to take one breath

  83. Lilium
    Пре 3 дана

    This is so stupid

  84. Faze Curry
    Faze Curry
    Пре 3 дана

    The paint look like wasn’t that fast

  85. Quanyourboi 13
    Quanyourboi 13
    Пре 3 дана

    The third dude cheated bruh look at how he stopped blowing and then kept going

  86. Minitoon Piggy
    Minitoon Piggy
    Пре 3 дана

    Paintballs hurt

  87. Gekido 117
    Gekido 117
    Пре 3 дана

    That’s what she said

    1. dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo
      Пре 3 дана

      Y'all should have put timer

  88. BI-anca a hooman
    BI-anca a hooman
    Пре 3 дана

    Waaait a minuteee Did seconds always pass thaaaat fastt?

  89. Ice Trey
    Ice Trey
    Пре 3 дана

    blue to hard can't breath

  90. djKillSwitch
    Пре 3 дана

    So fake

  91. Killermetalwolf
    Пре 3 дана

    That third guy def a horn player or something

    1. Killermetalwolf
      Пре 3 дана

      @Tomas Stevenson hello yore computer has virus

    2. Tomas Stevenson
      Tomas Stevenson
      Пре 3 дана

      And you're def a bot

  92. Jakob Lindskog
    Jakob Lindskog
    Пре 3 дана

    He blew too hard They had us in the first half not gonna lie

  93. XU
    Пре 3 дана

    That third guy, need to clean up his ear

  94. Marek Mečíř
    Marek Mečíř
    Пре 3 дана


  95. Marco Mirabal
    Marco Mirabal
    Пре 3 дана

    Más falso...

  96. Marian Peterse
    Marian Peterse
    Пре 3 дана

    The 3 guy also cheated,