Lush Caves - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 24

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Orange and Red meet someone deep in a cave. And it's not a warden.

Music by Scott Buckley!! Huge apology for forgetting to credit him.



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  1. Alan Becker
    Alan Becker
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    No one: Not a single soul: Alan: cHeCk oUt tHis rEaCtiOn and dIrEcTorS cOmenTary

    1. Gilang Boby
      Gilang Boby
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      Jiijjjjji om ko i8j om jjjj ko iiijjji

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      game_ play
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      Wei Bu
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      Is episode 25 done

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  2. Chung Nguyễn
    Chung Nguyễn
    Пре 4 сата

    Minecraft 1.17

  3. Bananacrad
    Пре 4 сата

    whys no one talking about the coal

  4. Caleb53
    Пре 5 сати

    Episode 25???? :(

  5. Rigel
    Пре 5 сати

    Uhhh lush caves will be in 1.18: caves and cliffs update part 2

  6. Angela Dunlop
    Angela Dunlop
    Пре 9 сати

    Ark scorched earth in a nutshell at least at the beginning

  7. LeschoAnimations
    Пре 9 сати

    good as always

  8. Anariky Vanessa
    Anariky Vanessa
    Пре 10 сати

    5:23 *camera change*

  9. Raul Leyva
    Raul Leyva
    Пре 11 сати

    When will episode 25 come out

  10. Zoque Caicedo Santiago Home School
    Zoque Caicedo Santiago Home School
    Пре 12 сати

    soy yo o cada ves es mas épico?

  11. Carla Rodrigues
    Carla Rodrigues
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    Fazer tudo que ele faz ele ajuda você

  12. Carla Rodrigues
    Carla Rodrigues
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    1. Carla Rodrigues
      Carla Rodrigues
      Пре 12 сати

      Só isso

  13. Carla Rodrigues
    Carla Rodrigues
    Пре 12 сати

    Tem como você conseguir ganhar uma você

  14. axolateL
    Пре 12 сати

    i like killing crepers

  15. nicholas zhang
    nicholas zhang
    Пре 14 сати

    top 10 anime fights:

  16. ❤️Selever❤️ Casanova!
    ❤️Selever❤️ Casanova!
    Пре 15 сати

    Wait? is that a blue axolotl its rare!??

  17. Ömür Anhalı
    Ömür Anhalı
    Пре 15 сати

    Give us the new video

  18. Misku Millee
    Misku Millee
    Пре 15 сати

    Please upload part 25

  19. Youtube Bob
    Youtube Bob
    Пре 16 сати

    When is 25 coming out?

  20. Anas ahmed
    Anas ahmed
    Пре 16 сати

    Legendary edited video

  21. the2thrones
    Пре 18 сати

    Can't believe Orange and Red had a Dante and Vergil moment.

  22. josephine pama
    josephine pama
    Пре 18 сати

    SC is getting mad of Red

  23. JZ Brix
    JZ Brix
    Пре 18 сати

    An idea all the sticks go to the nether and fight king orange then they get beaten down but the chosen one or a new stick comes to save them then they defeat king orange and purple. Another idea which is quite unlikely to happen is king orange recreates the dark lord to help him fight the others

    Пре 18 сати

    ep 25 when

  25. supra extra
    supra extra
    Пре 19 сати

    alan this fight orange and red was inpresive ;)

  26. Dor Bacal
    Dor Bacal
    Пре 21 сат

    I'd love to see Alex again reappear in a future episode lmao Imagine after this occurance he started believing in conspiracy theories and whatever, and did a lot of research, found it all leads to Alan, and became sort of a real life villain hunting down the characters

  27. SAH YONG ERN Moe
    Пре 22 сата

    i wand Ep 25 i subscribed and cik the bell and like but..ldk k to share and that it but pls to make Ep 25 and bye bye.

  28. Jacobo Valencia
    Jacobo Valencia
    Пре 22 сата

    I'm gonna put my own personal captions for the part where SC and red were arguing and to the part where they were falling to where they got back onto their computer Starting from 0:56 Red: Hey uh SC, See. we are getting really hungry y'know? SC: Oh red. Stop being such a crybaby 'mocks him' Red: Just see that we are about to die of hunger. Can you not see that! SC: Well It was your idea to go through that portal! Then we are now in this desert about to die of hunger SC: While it was my idea to go home and we would've been safe and not in this desert! Red: Well we WERE have lots of fun with the parkour and all! But at home we would get bored to death Red: Considering Alan hasn't been on the computer for quite a while SC: Well It also got us to get stranded onto this desert and now we are starving! SC: But at home, since we are better at this game we did learn to cook food and I suppose make our own entertainment somehow since we've been being on this game and have been on it for who knows how long! But now we are here from your idea, But know what about the others!? We do not know! Red: Stop! You made us stranded here with your idea to point the beacon teleporters together and got us here! It's all your fault! 'And thus the fight begins' After the fight SC: 'almost punches red in the face' SC: Wait... Y'know. This is quite a beautiful view.. Red: ..Yeah your right.. SC: 'flashy flashy backy backy to his or her idea to stay home' SC: Hey.. red, I'm sorry for all the arguing and fighting we did to each other earlier. Red: I'm sorry too. Red: 'Re-Notices that he or she is hungry' SC: Oh. Here eat this Red: Thanks .. Both silently: ..When will we ever be able to go back home... *Like about 10 seconds later* Alex: Wait.. what the fxxk are those.. Eye contact Alex: Are they good or.. I should try shooting them Red: uh.. Who or What is that SC: Idk. For some reason it's shooting us Red: Yeah. Pretty weird SC: Oh look red! Hmm.. A desktop screen... Red: Hey, Maybe we should try jumping in? SC: Idk. Seems kinda dangerous jumping into something we've never seen considering the amount of trouble we've been into going into things we've never seen and I've been into a mansion and I almost died (Said in one breath lol) Red: I think I'm gunna.. 'jumps in' SC: Oh sh a pointer.. Red: Quick duck! SC: I got an idea! Follow my lead. SC: Okay. We got sended (I hope its the right person lol) Red: All right let's get out Both: Yes! Purple: 'gets in' Both silently: Wait wut?! Purple: Alr I'm now time for. Wait Eye contact *To be continued*

  29. elias vizcarra
    elias vizcarra
    Пре 23 сата

    el proximo capitulo por favor

  30. Phoenix Wolf
    Phoenix Wolf
    Пре дан

    Red and orange: starts fighting Their hunger: “understandable have a great day”

  31. RandomAnimatoryoudontknow
    Пре дан

    are they ever gonna get netherite?

  32. A Oser Which Will Bloom In the Midnight skys
    A Oser Which Will Bloom In the Midnight skys
    Пре дан

    This is what the wild west duels should look like

  33. Wanderley Guilherme
    Wanderley Guilherme
    Пре дан

    because they don't kill each other? They would spawn the computer

  34. Peter LeBlanc
    Peter LeBlanc
    Пре дан

    i love how red just catches the arrow and the player still trys to shoot

  35. TizFacts
    Пре дан

    omg blue axolotl ,__,

  36. Amanda Shults
    Amanda Shults
    Пре дан

    They got a Bad Fight But it never figured out

  37. Amanda Shults
    Amanda Shults
    Пре дан

    Orange vs Red

  38. Ваня
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  39. Brolly
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    Alan Becker when to continue?

  40. Fiona Bear
    Fiona Bear
    Пре дан

    Alan Becker do a animation versus the odd ones out

  41. Салтанат Арыстанбеква
    Салтанат Арыстанбеква
    Пре дан

    Yes we minecraft 1.17

  42. himanshu grover
    himanshu grover
    Пре дан

    Hahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣 very 🤣🤣fun

  43. Puzzle Challenges
    Puzzle Challenges
    Пре дан

    I just wonder… do stickmen ever become unconscious during fights?

  44. Liezl Verga
    Liezl Verga
    Пре дан

    oh my god the red and the orange find 3 rare axolotls

  45. Max Xyrus
    Max Xyrus
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  46. B2 Brainy
    B2 Brainy
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    Please make ep 25 please

  47. Clara Menezes
    Clara Menezes
    Пре дан

    Do a new episode l'm curious to know what will happen with the orange And the vermelho

  48. Turkeyman
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    Man those stickmen are durable

  49. Vahe Poghosyan
    Vahe Poghosyan
    Пре дан

    Alan, i think you should buy a new computer.

  50. Propeller Fennemario
    Propeller Fennemario
    Пре дан

    Just to keep track of where all the stick figures and stuff are Orange, Red and Purple: Alan’s PC Blue, Yellow and Brown: Brown’s Fortress Green and Pig: Brown’s Jail Cells Purple and Brown know where each other are, but none of the other stick figures know except for the ones they’re with

    1. Gaspar Blunda Huerta
      Gaspar Blunda Huerta
      Пре дан

      King Brown and Purple: Villains👿

  51. Slime-on-Red
    Пре дан

    Wow you found three blue axolotl that's amazing that's rare

  52. Wrongriver
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    Can you make episode 25 please

  53. Kamron electronic Rajabov
    Kamron electronic Rajabov
    Пре 2 дана

    Pls make more

  54. Rhiiza Ibrahim
    Rhiiza Ibrahim
    Пре 2 дана

    Axolotls Don't Attack players They attack Water Mobs

    1. ElectricPeaPlayz 🌱
      ElectricPeaPlayz 🌱
      Пре минут

      They never attacked the players

  55. Lisandro Pettenon
    Lisandro Pettenon
    Пре 2 дана

    Hey You,Yes,You,Alan becker,You need a rest after everything You make only for entertaining us,Thanks

  56. stronkmen
    Пре 2 дана

    i cant wait for this arc to end why? i wanted him to make a speedrun episode lmao

  57. OLIVER427
    Пре 2 дана

    When is the next one coming out?

  58. Liam Tremain-woodcock
    Liam Tremain-woodcock
    Пре 2 дана

    Manhunt ep 25

    1. stronkmen
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      lmao yea

  59. Otávio game minecraft
    Otávio game minecraft
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    where is episode 26 Alan???

    1. stronkmen
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      @Ashton Ruiz lmao

    2. Ashton Ruiz
      Ashton Ruiz
      Пре 2 дана

      @stronkmen It’s nice to see someone on the same page.

    3. stronkmen
      Пре 2 дана

      @Ashton Ruiz dude ik what it feels like too.

    4. Ashton Ruiz
      Ashton Ruiz
      Пре 2 дана

      @stronkmen Like, people say that long is hard but even just 10 seconds would be going through a hellhole. Trust me, I know what it feels like.

    5. stronkmen
      Пре 2 дана

      @Ashton Ruiz fr

  60. Banana Boy
    Banana Boy
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  61. massiel requena
    massiel requena
    Пре 2 дана

    hola me llamo adrian cuando bas a crear el episodio 25

  62. Vavra Aya Razani
    Vavra Aya Razani
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    Im like animation alan becker

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    mi casa
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    your animations are very good (eline sağlık)

  64. Lulu Elhossan
    Lulu Elhossan
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    Wait I want to see something at 3:36 the blue axolotls are the rarest axolotls in Minecraft and they found it ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhgh myyyyyyy goooooooooooood

  65. Bold Sygic Indonesia
    Bold Sygic Indonesia
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    edit subitel dari inggris ya alan becker

  66. Bold Sygic Indonesia
    Bold Sygic Indonesia
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    alan becker itu bahasa inggris otomatis

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    Inbttt Games
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    Part 25? pls

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    123 MMMM THE HRCK?
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    3:31 oh myy that was lucky or what the blue axolotl is rare!

  69. Yang Tou J.
    Yang Tou J.
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    Movies be like:

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    anime tiktok
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    episode 25 pls😀😀 alan becker

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    PLIS MAKE PART 25!!!

    1. Gaspar Blunda Huerta
      Gaspar Blunda Huerta
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      Yeah! Me too!

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    Toriq Aremkhan Toriq
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    Ep 25 n Ep 26 please

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    Abhin Stupid The Great
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    Ep 25

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    aleki funaki
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  77. Faizontron
    Пре 3 дана

    I liked how orange just killed that creeper he was like: "Get out of my way peasant."

  78. Collin Meischeid
    Collin Meischeid
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    Purple: what the hack

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    Alan becker bila nak buat part ke 25

  81. Nampledamp
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    He's punching creepers to death with one punch, catching arrows and stabbing them into spiders, but the most unrealistic part is the amount of blue axolotls.

    1. Mr Whiskers
      Mr Whiskers
      Пре 2 дана

      Orange is a savage

  82. francesco luisluticia
    francesco luisluticia
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    Red is lucky that the second coming didn't use his super saiyan mode

  83. carlos mejia
    carlos mejia
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    Bro image they had to take the Minecraft block and turn into creative mode

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    so they just emailed themselves to alan becker?

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    Faz a paete 2 por favor seus vídeos sao incriveis

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    I came for the amazing animation. I stayed for the amazing storytelling.

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    You are so good ı love this

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    Peter vs chicken fight be like

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    How did they see the blue axolotl 3 times :0 Dam they are lucky

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    had to bring part 25

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    5:50 6:12

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    This guys must have big luck for so many blue axolotos

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    I love all of these

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    Unnamed channel
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    Please Alan becker release the avm shorts episode 25

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    Michael Kosmala
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    Alan's gonna be very confused when he comes back to his computer and sees evidence of shenanigans lying unresolved on his desktop.

  98. Kirsten Hansenhenry
    Kirsten Hansenhenry
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    3:32 3 purple ish blue axolotls

  99. Andrei Basilio
    Andrei Basilio
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    2:36 How is nobody gonna comment on how orange is out for red's HEAD I Mean look at him, he's charging at red without a care of the horde of mobs straying behind him!