The Most Disrespected Player in the League | The Story of Nikola Jokic

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From almost undrafted to NBA MVP, Nikola Jokic's story is like no other. I go over his entire career up until this point in great detail.

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00:00 - Introduction
01:20 - His Incredible Draft Story
02:02 - Playing for the Mega Leks
02:50 - Rookie Season
03:49 - 2016-17 Season
04:57 - Third Season
07:31 - 2018-19, The Big Jump
09:16 - 2019 Playoffs
12:00 - 2019-20 Season
13:02 - 2020 Playoffs
16:27 - MVP Season - 2020-21
18:28 - Conclusion


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    1. BlanexBlaze
      Пре месец

      @Sava Bozanic no I agree that Nikola won the mvp fair and square. As much as I love curry his team didn't Make the playoffs so I already knew he wasn't getting it

    2. Sava Bozanic
      Sava Bozanic
      Пре месец

      Dude you are just mad xD cuz Curry is not MVP its sad.

    3. BlanexBlaze
      Пре месец

      While I agree to a certain extent you'd need to put curry in the conversation as well. Man is gone for 1 year and the media thinks he washed up and his entire legacy is in question

  2. Srdjan Vujosevic
    Srdjan Vujosevic
    Пре дан

    Colin Cowherd hates him.... he never talk about him, and when was time to talk about him, he said "I really like Denver Nuggets arena floor"

  3. Srdjan Vujosevic
    Srdjan Vujosevic
    Пре дан

    every Serbian is hated by World media, not just in sport..but in sport is that most obvious. Because its easy to compare results... Look at Novak Dj. and many more.. they hate US, because Serbians are Orthodox, and all media and all sports, and all big corporation... are anti Orthodox... mostly they are Catholic

  4. Lazaros Papadopoulos
    Lazaros Papadopoulos
    Пре 3 дана

    wtf are you talking bro? seems like you dont know Giannis! Dream more bro!

  5. J dog
    J dog
    Пре 4 дана

    Embiid was better

  6. Patrick Ellsworth
    Patrick Ellsworth
    Пре месец

    He's white so he's meh

  7. OriannaKid
    Пре месец

    Jokić won MVP because embiid was hurt 😐

  8. Mr Unknown
    Mr Unknown
    Пре месец


  9. Mr Unknown
    Mr Unknown
    Пре месец

    serbian mothers will beat your ass up if you dont pass the ball to your brothers 😅😂 thats why he is playing that way 😂

  10. anonymous account
    anonymous account
    Пре месец

    lmao this kids voice... good vid!

    1. dylandoesbasketball
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      check my recent video let me know what you think of my voice

  11. Vladan Obradovic
    Vladan Obradovic
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  12. Jo Manalu
    Jo Manalu
    Пре месец

    now he is the mvp, more clown people bullied him or make hate comment about him because he cant bring the nuggets to the final eventhough he got FREAKING 32 20 10 thing

  13. Brandon Drew
    Brandon Drew
    Пре месец

    Whose here after the disrespectful sweep?😂

  14. Andrej Milov
    Andrej Milov
    Пре месец

    Jokic’s passing-ability reminds me a lot of Wilt. Same kind of passes. Jokic is like a non-athletic Wilt lol

  15. Baltimore Ravens Flock
    Baltimore Ravens Flock
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    you got a new subscriber! you deserve more! great quality, hope you will reach 100k soon

    1. dylandoesbasketball
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      much appreciated! feel free to check out my other videos. i've done two timelines on the miami heat and the philadelphia 76ers, as well as a conspiracy nba iceberg video you might like. glad you enjoyed.

  16. Christel Eboni
    Christel Eboni
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  17. igor Mitrovic
    igor Mitrovic
    Пре месец

    MVP king. Nikola Jokic

  18. igor Mitrovic
    igor Mitrovic
    Пре месец

    Jokic is like a Djokovic for west countryes. As more they hate them, much better they r. Haters suck us

  19. Kumo.
    Пре месец

    funny how this got recommended to me as soon as the nuggets got swept. nothing but respect for Jokic!

  20. David
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  21. GKdunch
    Пре месец

    not only does no other center pass like him, only magic over all bar none, passes like jokic, it's uncanny

  22. bor ke
    bor ke
    Пре месец

    nba is full of casuals and media is all about clicks sadly. Thankfully there are still real basketball fans and they know greatness when they see one. GO Jokic, GO JOKER! Best underdog and player of nba :)

  23. Pipoy 1999
    Pipoy 1999
    Пре месец

    Now he's the mvp truly deserved it

  24. Baril0112
    Пре месец

    Jokic is my favorite player since he saids "no homo"

    1. xav will
      xav will
      Пре месец

      try again bro

  25. SMV Aria
    SMV Aria
    Пре месец

    He won...

  26. Mike Sharon
    Mike Sharon
    Пре месец

    The hate is real when it comes to the jokic via the media

  27. ComicKing
    Пре месец

    As much as I respect Lebron's way of play and also consider him one of, if not the best player the NBA has ever seen, I just can't help but notice that there's been a strong anti-white propaganda going on for the past few years, with the climax of it all being the BLM protests last year. I am white, I am European, I have black friends and they are some of the best people I have ever met, better than 90% of white people I've come across in my life. They are usually more humble and polite than the whites. However, I think the whole BLM situation, which is influenced and supported by black athletes in the USA has reached unreal heights and now anyone who says that a white man is objectively better than a black man at something becomes a subject of callouts, offensive slurs, gets called a racist etc. A referee in the European Champions league of Romanian origin used the term 'that black guy' because his other coleague, also a ref, needed to know who commited a foul, since two guys were the suspects with one being black, and the other one white and were standing next to each other. A coach or member of the team's staff heard what the ref said and it all turned ugly, all because the ref used the term 'black'. Not the 'n' word we all know of, but 'black'. I got called a white guy before and I didn't feel like I was racially abused. I don't think any white person gets offended. Yet, here we are. Lebron, Curry and the rest of the gang are all multimillionaires, especially Lebron. He has the money to finance BLM (my theory is that he is one of the owners, the guy also has some shares at FC Liverpool). Of course they didn't want Jokic to win MVP, he's white. Why is there such hate for white people now? I don't know. My theory is that the people in higher places want to destabilize the society, that was they can destroy the hive mind and make people more controllable and accessible. It's what they wanted to do with the Coronavirus (which is a real virus, not rejecting that fact) and now with BLM. Protests, fights and hate create barriers between people, yet I think no one sees that.

    1. xav will
      xav will
      Пре месец

      I think you're genuinely confused. You seem like a good honest guy, but this just is NOT the case. Who was called racial slurs for declaring Jokic the MVP????? The 'woke' NFL and NBA both had white mvps, and if there was actually an issue, it's well within their power to prevent this. The word 'black' certainly is nothing to be upset over, but refs aren't meant to refer to people based on their skin color when people have names, numbers, and team colored jerseys: it's so easy to avoid racial terms in professional settings like that and it should be kept out of them. BLM is a movement btw, so there aren't owners. The organization BLM has no actual power, and only some influence over individual protests under the BLM movement. Just saying Jokic is not the MVP, does not mean it is because he's white nor does it automatically make someone racist. You sound like an utter snowflake when making that point. And as for your last sentence, that is literally nazi conspiracy, so nvm I take it back good and honest is not something you are lmfao.

  28. Nevaeh Serena
    Nevaeh Serena
    Пре месец

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  29. Daniel Solis
    Daniel Solis
    Пре месец

    Doesn't beat his chest or yell like an animal when he dunks. Doesn't throw up any signs when he hits a three. Complements his teammates whenever he is praised. Shows class whenever he wins or loses. Most valuable player, more like Most valuable person. The Humble Assassin!

  30. Kevin B
    Kevin B
    Пре месец

    It's because he's white. The NBA are not a fan of that.

  31. R Teodoro
    R Teodoro
    Пре месец

    He's won MVP d fuk you talking about

  32. Pera Peric
    Pera Peric
    Пре месец

    And he won the MVP award... 🇷🇸

  33. Scott Orcutt
    Scott Orcutt
    Пре месец

    He's disrespected because he's white

  34. Djole Drax
    Djole Drax
    Пре месец

    2:21 MVP Euroealue passing the ball to the MVP NBA league. Crazy Serbs

  35. Ivan Franjić
    Ivan Franjić
    Пре месец

    Hoće netko na basket!?

  36. anthony patterson
    anthony patterson
    Пре месец

    here we go with the 'victim' shit. he's the MVP , yeah mad disrespected.I I hear his teammates and peers praise him all the time, so just stop.

  37. Francesco Martini
    Francesco Martini
    Пре месец

    And he just dropped a 32/20/10 triple double... in the playoffs

  38. Benjamin Fountain
    Benjamin Fountain
    Пре месец

    I gotta say the only reason Embiid didn't win is because of his health, injuries are always sabotaging this dude, not that it matters and Jokic deserves MVP 100% but if Embiid didn't have that knee injury he'd be MVP

  39. Spiffy Turtle
    Spiffy Turtle
    Пре месец

    Awww, da poor widdle White Boi got hims feewings all huwted. Poor baby.

  40. Cezary
    Пре месец

    He is what a young Arvydas Sabonis was. A beast.

  41. Laith Zalloum
    Laith Zalloum
    Пре месец

    Love the content bro! keep it up

  42. Brandon Pope
    Brandon Pope
    Пре месец

    Bro barely got 900 subs but making better content than channels with 1 million subs

    1. Koresh Creations
      Koresh Creations
      Пре месец

      So true!👍🏼

  43. punished hek
    punished hek
    Пре месец

    People only pay attention to the black players, like they're the only ones who know how to play, ita like people have and obsession

  44. GatCat
    Пре месец

    He’s a class act. A great player.

  45. Mike Mobbley
    Mike Mobbley
    Пре месец

    The part in the video where he says there wasn't a passing big man Center like Nicole you know that there was one that was better name is Bill Walton

  46. Theildo22
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  47. Filip Tosic
    Filip Tosic
    Пре месец

    Nice video!!! MVP MVP MVP MVP MVP

  48. Morgan L
    Morgan L
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  49. Zorana Filipovic
    Zorana Filipovic
    Пре месец

    Embiid is great but he ain't even close to Joker.

  50. Hey Man
    Hey Man
    Пре месец

    Jokic and Kawhi would be deadly

  51. Linh Nho
    Linh Nho
    Пре месец

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  52. D Are
    D Are
    Пре месец

    I would love to see Jokic & Doncic on a team together.

  53. Burt Maclin
    Burt Maclin
    Пре месец

    Idk why the spurs didnt get him. Good move Denver

  54. V.G. Castle
    V.G. Castle
    Пре месец

    Yeah, right. Suns blowout sweep

  55. Tweztan Padewnal
    Tweztan Padewnal
    Пре месец

    0:36 bruh he predicted it

  56. EnderP
    Пре месец

    FYI Only Kobe knew he is special and challenged him to become MVP.

  57. Road Warrior
    Road Warrior
    Пре месец

    Forest Gump

  58. Mike Arsen
    Mike Arsen
    Пре месец


  59. Jesus III
    Jesus III
    Пре месец

    smooth three-point shooting *shows Jokic lunging forward off-balance trying to get his shot off* I love the Joker but smooth ain't the best way to describe the dude

  60. Louie Cordero
    Louie Cordero
    Пре месец

    He was.disrespected because he was not American

  61. kritos rl
    kritos rl
    Пре месец

    and he just got mvp

  62. Brian Milosevic
    Brian Milosevic
    Пре месец

    JOKIC MVP!!!!

  63. Gil
    Пре месец

    Whos here after Jokic won MVP? lol

  64. NinjaNick 08
    NinjaNick 08
    Пре месец

    Anyone here after he won the 2021 MVP

  65. Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia
    Пре месец

    Wow this video really popped of congrats

  66. Moses Supposes
    Moses Supposes
    Пре месец

    Great video

  67. D Chief
    D Chief
    Пре месец

    sick of this whale

  68. Sancho Naygrhoven
    Sancho Naygrhoven
    Пре месец

    The Most Disrespected Player in the League wins The 2021 MVP, like a wise man said: "Put some respect on my f*cking name!"

  69. Jawad Ashraf
    Jawad Ashraf
    Пре месец

    Well he is the MVP now where the haters at?

  70. Morris
    Пре месец

    This aged like milk. Kidding. Glad Jokic got MVP. Great content. Keep it up.

  71. Charles Inoferio
    Charles Inoferio
    Пре месец

    Sabonis Sr was 10x deadlier than Jokic's game but sadly he came in the league too late due to politics. Im glad Jokic is blossoming into THE MVP!!!!!! hell yesssss

  72. Chris Stenta
    Chris Stenta
    Пре месец

    lol Embiid bouta show you what underrated looks like cant wait bs mvp

    1. Filip Kuzeljević
      Filip Kuzeljević
      Пре месец

      We'll see what happens, dont be salty

  73. TrillMatic 187
    TrillMatic 187
    Пре месец

    Now he an MVP

  74. abo lamar
    abo lamar
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    The delicious wilderness classically rhyme because shingle phylogenetically sprout from a absurd beach. ratty, verdant nephew

    Пре месец

    It is him

  76. Hero Interrobang
    Hero Interrobang
    Пре месец

    He’s the modern Bill Russell.

  77. Pwimetime
    Пре месец

    NiKKKola JoKKKic is the King of NBA!

  78. Don Rubix
    Don Rubix
    Пре месец

    Much respect to the 2020-2021 MVP Nikola Jokic 👏🏿

  79. gene rizze
    gene rizze
    Пре месец

    Him and clarkson is the steal of draft during that time

  80. Chris Sadaka
    Chris Sadaka
    Пре месец

    nailed it

  81. Lappin
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    MVP BABY!!!!!!!🤘🔥👏👏👏👏💯

    Пре месец

    Got here after he was announced mvp thank god he deserves and it you earned a new sub with this content

  83. Christopher Garcia
    Christopher Garcia
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    This aged very well

  84. Kevin Cuff
    Kevin Cuff
    Пре месец

    gratz to nikola on winning mvp.

  85. Gabo Troncoso
    Gabo Troncoso
    Пре месец

    Today joker was announced the mvp and they still calling embiid whack name in a cry of "why"

  86. Paper Flexing
    Paper Flexing
    Пре месец

    91 first place vote mvp. Big honey killed the game

  87. Cesar Loera
    Cesar Loera
    Пре месец

    This was a great video! And as of today he's officially the MVP! I'm so happy Jokic finally got the recognition he deserves.

  88. Alain the Stout
    Alain the Stout
    Пре месец

    Best player in the league by far, already top 15 center all time

  89. ManVsWildSE
    Пре месец

    And now he became MVP! Truly the master.

  90. DuRanT1337
    Пре месец

    Now he is the mvp of the league Prove them wrong!!!

  91. uchiha bean
    uchiha bean
    Пре месец

    Well he just won the mvp now lol

  92. Luxers Multiverse
    Luxers Multiverse
    Пре месец

    No embiid ? LOL you are funny

    1. Shrey Bodapati
      Shrey Bodapati
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    What a fantastic video! You deserve more subs

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  98. jasondc02
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    It’s because he’s white. PERIOD.

  99. Charles Warren
    Charles Warren
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  100. Eric Chase
    Eric Chase
    Пре месец

    Something is going on with your audio, Dylan -- the volume coming out of the left speaker is changing a lot. I tried listening to something else to see if it was me, but I don't think it is.

    1. dylandoesbasketball
      Пре 26 дана

      check my recent video let me know what you think of my voice

    2. dylandoesbasketball
      Пре месец

      I appreciate you letting me know, Eric. I've gotten 2 comments about this so far and it's weird because I didn't notice anything upon reviewing the video. I'm definitely gonna go for a mic upgrade soon to fix any issues. My recent NBA Iceberg hasn't received any comments like this so maybe it's just a one video thing? Thanks for letting me know.