Two Years Alone in the Wilderness | Escape the City to Build Off Grid Log Cabin

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One man leaves the city life behind to build a cheap off grid log cabin and homestead in the Canadian wilderness, including a log home, an outdoor kitchen, an outhouse, a woodshed and a sauna bathhouse. Building mostly with hand tools, Shawn James harvests building materials from the forests north of Toronto, Canada and crafts them into functional tools and shelters using traditional woodworking tools and methods. He practices bushcraft and survival skills every day, including fire starting, tree identification and harvesting, wild edible foraging, fishing, hunting, camping in the summer and winter, travelling by canoe and snowshoe, navigation and water collection and purification.
Continue watching in 2019 as Shawn finishes the sauna, plants a forest garden for fruit and vegetables, builds an underground root cellar, ice house and cheese cave, a timber frame workshop and a remote hunt camp closer to fish and game.
“Home”, by Simon-Alexander

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    Пре 46 минута

    It’s like watching real-life Minecraft :)

  2. Sonam Yangzom
    Sonam Yangzom
    Пре сат

    Wow, amazing, my mother and I stumbled upon your video and enjoyed it 100%. Where is it

  3. Viper
    Пре 16 сати

    Absolutely incredible footage of a very gifted man in the most beautiful surroundings you can only ever dream of. Much respect to you Shawn and your beautiful Cali 🐾 for sharing your experiences.

  4. jattaforasteka
    Пре 23 сата

    insomma ... ne ha maltrattato di alberi e di pesci sto tizio col drone e gli sponsor...

    1. jattaforasteka
      Пре 22 сата

      e non si accontenta mai, alla fine ammazza pure i cervi... e continua a disboscare...

  5. Oskar Libelle
    Oskar Libelle
    Пре дан

    Going of grid and posting about it online

  6. Francisco de Adonis
    Francisco de Adonis
    Пре дан

    ex marine?

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    rosy ayala
    Пре дан

    Es una maravilla de alto nivel de conocimientos diversos hasta prepararse de comer. Lo Felicito enormemente, estoy asombrada de todo lo que conoce, y hace.

  8. Sharon Howard
    Sharon Howard
    Пре дан

    I completely understand the need to be resilient and I truly appreciate this video. Thank you!

  9. Vanvan Persie
    Vanvan Persie
    Пре дан

    so relax

  10. Wiesław Karpowicz
    Wiesław Karpowicz
    Пре 2 дана

    Are you allowed to cut trees without the local government's permission in Canada? What is the ownership of this forest?

  11. Kelly Colmey
    Kelly Colmey
    Пре 2 дана

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    Kelly Colmey
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    Kelly Colmey
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    Kelly Colmey
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    Kelly Colmey
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    Kelly Colmey
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    Sun shine
    Пре 2 дана

    thank you for the very great video! if some time can saw you eat some food is better!🌮🍗☕

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    John Johnson
    Пре 2 дана

    Why is the like dislike button disabled

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    es lei
    Пре 2 дана

    Great video shared enjoying the hard working man building his cabin by his own HANDS TY FOR SHARING STAY BLESSED

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    B Foster
    Пре 3 дана

    How can someone watch this video and not sub? lol

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    Marc Anriz
    Пре 3 дана

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    Евгений Жогин
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    Denise View
    Пре 3 дана

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    Mii .R
    Пре 4 дана

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    Jay Scott
    Пре 4 дана

    @1:12:15 that simon Alexander song playing. Does anyone know the name of it? I don’t think it’s his Home song.

  29. Sooth Jack Tv
    Sooth Jack Tv
    Пре 4 дана

    I have been independent for 30 yrs and i do all by myself even making ny own table or whatever even i am a woman but i do men work even working as a welder of a ship, i would love to make a house on my own hand too.Even i am a woman i like to do hardworks i feel fullfillment and have worth in life not to depend with men .Well i leave my dad to live on my own and he lives with my siblings in Canada i am alone here in the Philippines life hard but you feel worth of yourself when you live on your own .

  30. Sooth Jack Tv
    Sooth Jack Tv
    Пре 4 дана

    You don't need expensive things any luxury mostly our life is just short and we can't bring any when we die so it's better this way no stress like in the city.

  31. Sooth Jack Tv
    Sooth Jack Tv
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  32. tamerlano
    Пре 4 дана

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  33. Sooth Jack Tv
    Sooth Jack Tv
    Пре 4 дана

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    Sooth Jack Tv
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    Do Lixo ao Luxo - Vale do Capão
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    Пре 6 дана

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      Пре 6 дана

      @Kai Twentiez sooo sad man

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      Kai Twentiez
      Пре 6 дана

      Fr it’s so sad and frustrating

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    Bil Lou
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    2 années de solitude pour un menuisier tout équipé et avec tous les biens matériaux nécessaires, même les guirlandes de noel. A mon avis pas si seul que ça en fait. Cela dit c'est sympa à regarder.

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    Marcos Maurino
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    Marcos Maurino
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    Michael Pok Baiman
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    1. deyvidsantana
      Пре 5 дана

      1:11:03 who knows what song this is?

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    luz mesa
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    Canisia The 3rd
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    1. 中国半机械人
      Пре 7 дана

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    bhupesh chavan
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    Odongo Janes
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