Why didn't I know about this recipe before? this simple recipe that is delicious you should try

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Why didn't I know about this recipe before? this simple recipe that is delicious you should try
Please comment and give your feedback if you try this delicious recipe. I want to know what you think! Take care of yourself, happy Days❤️

The cup size I use: 200 ml !

Necessary materials:
1 glass of milk (200 ml).
1 Egg.
1 tea glass of vegetable oil (30 ml).
1 teaspoon of granulated sugar (6 g).
1 teaspoon of salt (6 g).
1 packet of dry yeast (10 g).
5 cups of wheat flour (530 gr)

For the stuffing:
Cheddar cheese and sausage.
Tomato sauce.

To Sprinkle On:
Blue poppy.

Bake in the oven at 180°C (350°F) for 30 - 35 minutes.

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    1. alana haag
      alana haag
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      Sou do Brasil. Vou experimentar sua receita. A gente come com os olhos.🙏

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      Vilma Barros Costa Ferreira
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    3. Sandras Zauberei
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    4. Janina Janiec
      Janina Janiec
      Пре 25 дана

      Przepis bardzo dobry,na pewno upiekę takie bułeczki.Janina.Polska

    5. Isabella Monteiro
      Isabella Monteiro
      Пре 25 дана

      Ho adorato la ricetta. sul mio canale ci sono ricette facili con il petto di pollo. ricetta brasiliana. guardami e seguimi ragazzi

  2. Таисия Дурнева
    Таисия Дурнева
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    Доброе утро, приятно смотреть за вашей работой с тестом, такая красота, я с АДЫГЕИ

  3. doorway1111
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    Thank you for the english! From Canada. I will be trying this it looks yummy 🤤

  4. Brenda Garzon
    Brenda Garzon
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    This looks delicious😋😄 from Canada

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  8. Maribel Leon Quesada
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    Carol Reynolds
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    Becky Brilliant-Parent
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    Hi! I am watching from Vashon, Washington in USA. This looks absolutely DELICIOUS!!! I love cooking and I will love trying to make a replica for my family! Thank you for your beautiful video.♥️♥️♥️ from Becky in America!

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    Selma Ramos Costa
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